pod-user-defaults — Retrieves values from PoD user defaults configuration file.


pod-user-defaults [-h, --help] [-v, --version] [-c file, --config=file] [--key=name]


The pod-user-defaults command can be used to retrieve values from the PoD user defaults configuration file for any given keys. The PoD user defaults configuration "PoD.cfg" is a general PoD settings file, where user can tune PoD for a specific environment. The file usually can be found in $HOME/.PoD/etc or in $POD_LOCATION/etc.


-h, --help

Show summary of options.

-v, --version

Version information.

-c file, --config=file

PoD user-defaults configuration file.


The pod-user-defaults retrieves a value for the given key. A key must be specified with a its section name (separated by a dot), for example to find out a working directory on the PoD server, request the value for the following key: "server.wrk_dir".