Chapter 8. SSH plug-in

Table of Contents

8.1. CLI
8.2. Configuration

8.1. CLI

For users convenience PoD provides a command line interface. One can also use PoD CLI to submit PoD jobs, instead of using GUI. Meet the CLI documentation and check out the pod-ssh(1) reference for further information.

Before you start, check that PoD Section 7.2, “Server” is running.

The following simple example illustrates a submission of a number of PoD workers (described in the pod_ssh.cfg configuration file) to a bunch of the machines via SSH.

pod-ssh -c pod_ssh.cfg submit

check the status of PoD workers:

pod-ssh status

There are could be the following values of the status:

  • RUN - PoD jobs is running,
  • DONE - PoD job is done, means PoD worker is not running on that worker node. It could be also the case that worker failed to start,
  • CLEAN - PoD worker has been cleaned,
  • UNKNOWN - it is not possible to retrieve the status of that worker.

[Important]Remote Environment

With SSH plug-in it is very often the case, that PoD can't start workers, because xproofd/ROOT is not in the PATH on worker nodes. This could happen since with a batch SSH login in some systems you don't get your /etc/profile script called (login script) and there is no environment variables, like for normal login users. If your PoD job fails, just after submission it shows DONE status. You may want to check the remote log files see the section called “Examples” from the worker nodes and if it says that there are problems to start xproofd, then you need to customize environment on WNs. To solve this issue use inline BASH script.

Now check the status of your dynamic PROOF clusters. The following commands show a number/list of available PROOF workers, which have been already set up and are online:

pod-info -n
pod-info -l

and finally clean the PoD cluster. The cleaning needs to be performed when user is done with his/her dynamic PROOF cluster or want to refresh workers (in this case, you need to submit workers again, after the cleaning). BTW, no need to stop pod-server.

pod-ssh clean
pod-ssh status


The cleaning of the workers is very important in order to keep the remote environment safe and clean. Also the cleaning procedure can deliver log files from the workers, see the section called “Examples”. Unfortunately SSH plug-in can't automatically decide when to clean the workers, you therefor is responsible to do it.

At the end, check that you shut you PoD server down - Section 7.7, “How to shut down PoD”.

Detailed descriptions of the command and of the configuration file can be found in the pod-ssh(1) reference manual.

8.2. Configuration