pod-submit — Submits PoD jobs using a defined resource management system.


pod-submit [-h] [-l] [-r condor|ge|loadleveler|lsf|pbs|glite] [-q queue] [-n X]


Use this command to manually submit PoD workers to a defined resource management system. The command currently supports:

  • LSF (Load Sharing Facility),

  • PBS Pro/OpenPBS/Torque (Portable Batch System),

  • Grid Engine (Oracle/Sun Grid Engine),

  • Condor,

  • LoadLeveler (IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler LoadLeveler),

  • gLite.

Use pod-submit -l to find out the list of available and supported CLI plug-ins.


The pod-submit can't be used to submit SSH jobs. In order to use PoD SSH plug-in, please check the pod-ssh(1) reference manual.

The $POD_RMS_DEFAULT_QUEUE environment variable can be used to define a default RMS queue. If no "-q" option is provided to "pod-submit", then the value of this variable is used.

The pod-submit utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.



Show summary of options and exit.


Show all available RMS plug-ins.

-r condor|ge|loadleveler|lsf|pbs|glite

A name of the resource management system to use.

-q queue

Submit the jobs to specified queue. (default: "proof" if the value of $POD_RMS_DEFAULT_QUEUE is empty )

In case of gLite plug-in, queue parametr must define a CREAM CE including a desired queue, for example:

pod-submit -r glite -q -n 30
-n X

Specify a desired number or PROOF workers, where the X option defines the number of workers. (default: 10)