"PROOF on Demand" (PoD) - v3.16

Anar Manafov

GSI, Scientific Computing division

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
1.1. PROOF on Demand
1.2. Features
2. Requirements
2.1. User interface
2.2. Workers
3. Download
3.1. Download location
3.2. PoD Version Number Scheme
4. Installation
4.1. Step #1: Unpack the source
4.2. Step #2: Configure the source
4.3. Step #3: Build and install
4.4. Step #4: PoD Environment
4.5. Step #5: PoD shared Installation
5. Configuration
5.1. PoD user defaults configuration
5.2. User's environment on workers
6. Quick Start
7. How to run
7.1. Environment
7.2. Server
7.3. Job Manager
7.4. PROOF workers
7.5. PROOF Connection String
7.6. Analysis
7.7. How to shut down PoD
7.8. if something is wrong
8. SSH plug-in
8.1. CLI
8.2. Configuration
9. How to test
9.1. Simple test
10. Command-line interface
pod-server — Manages PoD server
pod-info — Shows information about PoD and PROOF workers.
pod-user-defaults — Retrieves values from PoD user defaults configuration file.
pod-prep-worker — Prepares a worker package - all elements of PoD which need to be uploaded to a worker node.
pod-submit — Submits PoD jobs using a defined resource management system.
pod-ssh — Submits, retrieves statuses and cleans PoD workers using SSH connections.
pod-remote — Using this command users can start/stop/restart remote PoD servers. The utility can also be used to execute arbitrary commands on remote PoD servers, such as PoD job submissions.
11. Tips
11.1. Handling large outputs via ROOT files
12. Known Issues
12.1. General Issues
/tmp on worker nodes
PoD on AFS
WARNING: File /afs/.../pod-worker is not readable by condor
It seems I run always X slaves, but I requested Y.
gLite environment issue at CERN's LSF
12.2. Condor Issues
Condor and AFS
12.3. Grid Issues
ClassAds and Namespace
GLOBUS Libs Relocation
GridSite headers missing
globus_config.h is missing
13. Support

List of Figures

1.1. A generic schema of PoD

List of Tables

4.1. PoD configuration variables
5.1. PoD server configuration
5.2. PoD worker configuration
5.3. LSF plug-in configuration
5.4. PBS plug-in configuration
5.5. Grid Engine plug-in configuration
5.6. Condor plug-in configuration
7.1. PoD log files
10.1. PoD's ssh plug-in configuration fields

List of Examples

10.1. PoD version information
10.2. available PROOF workers
10.3. PROOF connection string
10.4. PoD server status
10.5. Submit PoD jobs via SSH
10.6. Check the status of PoD jobs submitted via SSH
10.7. Clean PoD jobs submitted via SSH
10.8. Clean only specific worker nodes
10.9. Using remote PoD server