Chapter 3. Download

Table of Contents

3.1. Download location
3.2. PoD Version Number Scheme

3.1. Download location

Please, use PoD's Download page to get the latest version.

3.2. PoD Version Number Scheme

PoD version has a form of MAJOR.MINOR(.PATCH), where:

  • MAJOR - the major number is increased when there are significant jumps in functionality.

  • MINOR - the minor number is incremented when only minor features or significant fixes have been added.

  • PATCH - represents a number of commits (patches) to a current major.minor pair.


Starting with version 3.4, PoD changes its version numbering. It reflects the fact that PoD is both a production system and a research project. PoD now uses odd minor version numbers to denote development releases and even minor version numbers to denote stable releases.