What is a PoD?

PROOF on Demand (PoD) is a tool-set developed at GSI, which sets up a PROOF cluster on any resource management system. PoD is a user oriented product with an easy to use GUI and a command-line interface. It is fully automated. No administrative privileges or special knowledge is required to use it. PoD gives users, who don't have a centrally-administrated static PROOF cluster at their institutions, the possibility to enjoy the full power of interactive analysis with PROOF.

PoD is a specially designed solution to provide a PROOF cluster on the fly.


  • Easy to use

    The process of installation is very simple and fully automated. PoD works out of the box. Its distribution contains preconfigured modules and everything users need to just immediately start to work with it right after the installation.

  • CLI

    PoD provides a simple and intuitive command line interface in order to simplify access to its functionality. It helps to manage a PoD cluster remotely, utilize it in a batch mode or to design own higher level tools using PoD commands.

  • Native PROOF connections

    Whenever possible, PoD setups direct PROOF connections between nodes. It results in a full functional PROOF cluster. Users get native speed and the whole range of PROOF features. To use native connections an incoming traffic must be allowed on PoD workers for a defined port. Otherwise PoD uses packet-forwarding algorithms.

  • Packet-forwarding

    When worker nodes are behind a firewall then PoD uses its packet-forwarding algorithms to maintain the PROOF traffic. The algorithms are very efficient, there will be no speed penalty, but some PROOF functions are limited.

  • Multiuser/-core environment

    PoD implements automatic port mapping algorithms to properly handle cases when several users start PoD instances (servers/workers) on the same machine. PoD also automatically manages situations when multiple PoD workers are started on the same node. Private PoD instances of different users can't disturb each other.

  • Different job managers

    PoD supports different job managers via a plug-in system. It is a very easy to extend system. PoD currently is shipped with the following plug-ins:

    • SSH,

    • LSF (Load Sharing Facility),

    • PBS Pro/OpenPBS/Torque (Portable Batch System),

    • Grid Engine (Oracle/Sun Grid Engine),

    • Condor,

    • LoadLeveler (IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler LoadLeveler),

    • SLURM,

    • gLite.

What's New


PoD v3.16 was released.


PoD v3.14 was released.